Marketing & strategy that speaks to your customer.


Stated. Helps you with your marketing and strategy to reach your customers more intelligently and win their wallet share for longer.

Simply Stated.

No need to be grandiose or on fleek. Just to the point- professionally and poignantly. 

The 20th edition of the Oxford Dictionary contains 171,476 words. Marketing experts preach between 4 primary and up to 156 dubious marketing strategic approaches on any given internet site. Undoubtedly, there are as many ways to segment an audience as varieties of pizza. So what's the best marketing approach when the permutations are as infinite than stars in the sky?

A simple and focused approach that puts the customer front and center. Stated's marketing consulting services will help you distill your objective and bundle that with the right set of tactics to cleanly, efficiently, and creatively appeal to your exact audience. We won't boil an ocean, instead, we'll incite action in your audience and K.I.S.S.



that sticks

We (politely) disagree. While the platform and dynamics are changing daily, positioning, strategy, testing and a deep focus can still amplify your chances of connecting and standing out. Knowing your audience, turning insights into action, developing thumb-stopping creative and promoting a single-minded message will give you an advantage, plus improve overall brand identity and continuity. 

Instead of slinging just any pasta against the backsplash, let's instead research the starch content of various noodles, precisely follow the al dente directions, scout out the optimal adherent wall surface, and then bring in the team to A/B test it. Once we've found the perfect noodle, we'll neatly package and promote it, ensuring that it sticks for good.