Marketing & strategy that speaks to your customer.


See the ways Stated can help you get started from presentations to event planning.


Leverage Stated services to amplify your marketing and strategic work.

Think of us as your (temp/start up/immediate) CMO for Hire. We get your marketing objectives and activations happening, while working with you on your longer term goals of building up (or out) a department.

You have brilliant brand and marketing ideas constantly percolating. You're hoarding golden product and service nuggets that need to be plucked and primped for your customers. But you and your team just never have time to get to them. The length and details of your office-must-do list makes even your insurance policy contract blush. So once again, your lucrative plans begrudgingly fall to maybe next year.

If only you could clone you or somehow break that space-time continuum conundrum... 

Until that innovation arrives, the second best thing is the right person to lighten your load and get your work out there. Someone focused on what's on-strategy, versed in the marketing world and fast enough to crank out your wishlist without handholding. Specifically, a partner with two savvy hands (attached to a strategic mind and a pair of fresh legs) freeing you of the hassle of timely recruitment searches or the looming benefit associated costs. Someone to partner with you to get things done. 


1) Distilled Marketing

Articulating your strategy and roadmap:

  • Flesh out your marketing strategy from budgets and operations down to tactical plans

  • Do the due diligence and primary research

  • Discover and share your brand story across your company with solid single and multi-year plans

  • Review, iterate, beautify and strengthen pitch decks, presentations, and reports

2) Talk < Action

Get it done- output immediately:

  • Turn ideas into stellar presentations

  • Create pithy copy and thumb-stopping collateral for your website, blog, brochures, social pages, etc.

  • Get out an integrated campaign with known ROI

  • Show off at expos or educate online

  • Engage customers on social and tune into digital by optimizing your current presence and going beyond

3) Capturing The Growth

Ensuring continuity and success:

  • Track, analyze, and improve campaigns, insuring ROI

  • Hit key milestones faster and more consistently

  • Develop your team with hands-on trainings and leadership coaching

  • Create educational management modules to educate current and future employee


Startup Package

An easy intro when you’re not sure what to do next…

Leverage a CMO-on-demand without an in-house marketing department or an agency.

Pricing is reasonable and tailored to your needs.

Turnaround is "shockingly fast."