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Carrie Phair

Meet Stated’s sole proprietor, Carrie Phair.



Introducing Carrie Phair

A healthy dose of creativity, two splashes of cheer, and a bit of cheekiness ready to focus your brand.

Stated's sole proprietor is Carrie. She's a rare pairing of left and right brain thinking netting out a creative mind focused on generating efficient and effective marketing strategies. Specifically, she shines the flashlight on your objectives and teases out the essentials- making for simple strategies and direct presentations. 

Her experiences cover the gamut from strategy for start-ups, integrated campaigns for mid-size businesses and Fortune 20 companies, and all the in-between of marketing from ideation through to execution. Tactically that includes creative briefs, wire-framing, designing, creating collateral and writing copy across all mediums from print, websites, social, blogs, digital ads, radio, out of home, retail point of sale, events down to your promotive giveaways.  

Carrie has a background in economics and an MBA. She has worked across different brands in operations, marketing, strategy and leadership for Santa Cruz County of Education, SD Food Banks, GE, Chuao, Hewlett-Packard, Nordic Naturals and a host of passionate small businesses, partnering to improve their marketing and brand outcomes, and heck, have a little fun along the way!